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The managing lawyer Michael Lalor attended the only public hearing of the inquiry into 18C amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act in Canberra on Friday but was turned away. Speaking to Guardian Australia, Lalor said he was simply keen to work with all lawmakers to help them understand the unique position of Aboriginal communities in the 18C debate. In many instances, that would be swearing at police and in those cases, it is hard not to see that police arrested them because they were offended by their language. The legal and constitutional affairs legislation committee inquiry was established by the Senate on Thursday afternoon and reports back to parliament on Tuesday when the bill will be debated by the Senate. There were only five witnesses scheduled to give evidence on Friday because of the physician home construction loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 short time frame but when Lalor attempted to give evidence, he was not permitted to speak. The Liberal chair of the committee, Ian Macdonald, was prevailed upon by Labors Louise Pratt and Murray Watt to allow Lalor to speak but he ruled against taking Lalors evidence. The committee was of the general view that once you start having one group of any type in this case an Indigenous group who have a particular view then do you call other members of that same group who might have a different view, Macdonald said. It is for that reason we decided to restrict it to the ones we have. The 18C debate: how frequent are racial discrimination complaints? I think it would be extremely unfortunate if we consider a far-reaching change to the Racial Discrimination Act without inviting one Indigenous person to give evidence, Watt said. I think that would be disgraceful, frankly. Senator Derryn Hinch disagreed with Watt and supported Macdonald by saying the issues had been heard at a previous inquiry.

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